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We understand that safety goes first. We deliver regular safety training that helps us build this core value on the 2EC Traffic crew. Our team follows its actions to create the safest environment possible to protect pedestrians and traffic around.

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We are experts in traffic control, capable to understand your needs, and committed to doing our best to fulfill your requirements. We are fast, proactive, and always look forward to offering better solutions.

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As much as we care about people, we care about you. Our crews are focused on providing the best service in Sydney. While you focus on your expertise, our mean goal is to focus on protecting your site and never letting you down. We have got your back, side, and front.

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For 2EC, passion and purpose is the key. We offer proactive solutions to create a positive environment in our work. We love what we do, and because of it, we are flexible and seek improvement daily.



The future of Sydney Traffic Control is in our hands

We want to be part of tomorrow’s Sydney. We understand that the construction industry is rapidly growing, therefore safety and traffic control will be the key drivers to success. As a result, we are concentrating all our efforts on safety training, policies, and procedures. We care about Australia and its future and strongly believe that We need to continue moving forward together so We will keep working, growing, and traveling together without delay. We will find the best solutions to minimize the impact on the roads and to improve safety in places at all times.

2EC is committed to delivering the highest quality traffic control in Sydney metro and NSW. We understand that COVID-19 has impacted all industries and that there is a lot of work to do, while we learn to manage the post-pandemic reality. 

Let us be your best ally. We are excited to help you achieve your best results.

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We deliver traffic control services, traffic control plans, and quotes in less than 24 hours, same-day requests, and same-day applications for all your council permits and Road occupancy licenses. We will offer the highest quality service regarding traffic management.

We are committed to giving you the best and making it easy for you.

Our Team

We have the experts, and we consider 2EC’s traffic crews are the best in the Sydney metro, our team is reliable and committed not only to 2EC but to you.

Always with a smile and kind treats, we will be on-site, on time, and ready to go.

We are equipped and ready for all types of jobs. Our teams are based on values and are regularly trained to offer the best traffic services.

2EC’s team works and knows the right people in the correct entities to help you move forward. We work towards safety and compliance, and following the rules is mandatory for all our traffic controllers and everyone on site. We are committed to the community and always choose the best way.

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Traffic controller, Traffic Control Stop - Slow

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We are passionate about assisting you with all your traffic management needs whether it be providing you with site specific traffic control plans, obtaining the necessary permits or putting traffic controllers on the road.