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In compliance with the Australian Standards, our experienced customer focus traffic control team is available for you 24/7. We have what we consider the best team in Sydney to provide traffic control services, our team is fast, precise, and efficient

All our employees have all the valid RMS tickets, and full PPE, and are being regularly trained to be always safe. We can manage all types of situations with politeness, always following laws and safety procedures.

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Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) / Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS)

Our experts have an excellent understanding of your needs, having the fastest response in the market, we are capable of supplying TCPs in less than 24 hours, with an outstanding record of zero TCPs rejected by any council in NSW. You can trust your next project to 2EC traffic, our capabilities in this subject.

Traffic control planning

Construction Management Plans (CTMPs)

Is the project impacting roads and is the council asking for a Construction Management Plan? Do not worry we have got your back, these plans are more extensive than TCPs and TMPs, sometimes are requested by some governmental bodies and we are here to help. We base our plans on activities that are required to safely transport an OSOM movement in NSW.

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Traffic Management Plans (TMPs)

When you need more than a traffic control plan, when you need a more detailed action plan for your project, do not hesitate to contact us for your TMP. We organize site inspections on the same day (requested before 11:00 am). We are up to date with all the RMS and council regulations that help us to draw a perfect plan for your future project.

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Pedestrian Management Plan (PMP)

We understand the importance of pedestrians around your job site, sometimes they have to be redirected. If we need to work on footpaths and close those, then we can design a plan that shows the safest way for pedestrians to take. Our experts will direct them through the new footpath. We will be in charge of taking care of them and keeping your work area safe.

Legal Permits

Our promise is same-day request, same-day application, despite our longstanding relationships with key approving authorities we cannot guarantee any result before the established time by them, however, the fastest we apply the fastest response we get, ROL usually takes up to 10 business days and councils varies from 3 to 7 business days depending on the suburb. We know all the processes, we know the right people, and what we need is the right information to avoid fines or site shutdowns, as a legal requirement under Section 138 of The Roads Act 1993.


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